Your are what you eat...

Monsanto is credited as being responsible for 90% of the GMO’s – Genetically Modified Organism, NINETY PERCENT! CAUTION…let’s follow each thing in a chapter, this one I’ll just call ORDER 81 and it goes out to the people of Iraq from the PEOPLE of the United States.

Order 81 (81/100 Orders) – Order 81 is the eighty-first order out of one hundred that “orders” the people of Iraq to comply or face harsh punishment.

Orders the people... “ORDERS THE PEOPLE”, I call bull shit on that right NOW!

It is one thing to be offering a great and inexpensive solution and it is a totally different thing to order someone.  The “Freedom” or “Liberate Iraq” theme here in the USA seems patriotic. But in Iraq, people just like you and me, have had their crops destroyed by the United States Army or should I say the new PRIVATE CONSTRACTING ENTERPRISE, acting on the orders of President Bush via his assigned ambas, Paul Bremer have ORDERED the farmers of Iraq to grow genetically modified crops.

I come from a family of farmers.  Conservative, Minnesota republican farmers…German and Irish immigrants - no way they believe it is right to FORCE a fellow farmer to grow a GMO crop!

Bovine Growth Hormone – Posilac

245T – most toxic synthetic chemical in existence.

Google: monsanto falsified scientific studies

Supreme Court Justice Clarance Thomas came from Monsanto.

June 23rd, 2005 - The Supreme Court ruled in that private property can be taken under EMINENT DOMAIN not only for “public interest” as defined by the US Constitution but also for economic interests, such as Lowes or Walmart.

We are being robbed and bought out.  Bullied by a false sense of value in a dollar that is controlled by the laws created by bankers, lobbyists,

GM (GMO) Labeling is not allowed in the US based on the principle of substantial equivalence

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